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The Canadian economy and the housing market
We are living in strange times, economically speaking. Mortgage stress tests have slowed the housing market and may be one of the reasons the Bank of Canada has signaled it may pause on increasing...
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Cost of Buying a New Home
Smart budgeting is required when buying your home. Saving the down payment and crunching numbers helps determine how much mortgage you can afford. But the costs don’t just end there. Planning in...
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Down Payment Options for First Time Home Buyers
Down Payment Options and Tax Credits for First Time Home BuyersPurchasing a home is a big financial commitment. In addition to moving costs and closing costs, most home purchases require a down...
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What the Heck is an IRD?
What the heck is an IRD and how will it impact me?​The IRD or Interest Rate Differential is a charge levied by lenders that may apply if you pay off your mortgage before it matures. Or if you pay more...
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